Exploring Atlanta in my Wheelchair!

We start at the Shepherd Center and make our way to Ponce City Market – Stopping at some of my favorite Atlanta attractions along the way ⬛️ OFFICIAL …

21 thoughts on “Exploring Atlanta in my Wheelchair!

  1. Snaeulfr says:

    Born & raised in the hills of north Georgia. Left home at 18. Been back a couple of times. Worked in Atlanta and loved it. Life has taken me to other destinations, but Atlanta is still my favorite city. – Have wheelchair. Still travelin'…

  2. katlady5000 says:

    12:45 that happened to me at a concert same type of lift.I used the lift to get up and I enjoyed the concert. It broke with someone inside after the concert ended. So we were waiting for a while from them to fix it so we could leave. Super annoying.

  3. sattertx says:

    Wow! We are watching this video while we are at Shepherd. My husband was injured almost 2 months ago and we have been in and out of ICUs and are ending our journey at Shepherd… We are going home this week. Would love to connect before we leave!

  4. Marcus B. says:

    pretty interesting over there. when you live in an old town like me, the accessibility is pretty bad in certain areas, but obstacles is what we wheelchair users have to deal with, right… and you're right, rain and pushing rims is the worst…

  5. Art Franklin says:

    Richard, you are hanging in my old stomping grounds. I was diagnosed with MS in Atlanta at the Shepherd Center in 2003. I dined “back in the day” at RJ’S. It is amazing how much has changed and good to see some things are still the same. Great VID!

  6. Josh Durrant says:

    Thanks for taking us on your trip 😊. Atlanta looks like fun great looking food also, one question was the parrot still in his cage when you got done with the wings? LOL😂. The mango caterpillar pops are also dairy free😂. Great 2 see you and Jalila having fun👍👍😁💪👊

  7. Laura Putnam says:

    Atlanta =least wheelchair friendly city with no regard for disabled parking spots and worse, people park in the ramp area next to the disabled spot.
    Police don’t respond .
    Awesome restaurants, though!

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